Raw emotions. Real moments. Candid storytelling.

I'm a vocal advocate for oppressed groups and have been working on how to best utilize my skills to uplift those who are handed less than they deserve.


Questioning preconceived societal norms is a continual practice for me. I work hard to translate that into my shooting by documenting people as they are, not how monolithic and antiquated norms define them. ​I mix artistically posed images with candid coverage shots as I continue to grow my work in line with photojournalist styling and composition. 



2023 Pricing

Bread and Butter, Essentials Package 

6 Hour Package  |  $2,500
Additional Coverage  |  $300 for each additional hour

Tea and Toast, Sweetheart Package

8 Hour Package  |  $3,000

Additional Coverage  |  $300 for each additional hour


Flat rate |  $450

Engagements are approximately 90 minutes, can include up to 2 locations in close proximity, and one outfit change if desired. 

*Discounted to $350 if booking with a wedding

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