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Raw emotions. Real moments. Candid storytelling.

Who Do I Work With?

Photographers often talk about their "ideal" client. And while many use this phrase to describe the magazine cover couple who strive for a white picket fence, for me, I like couples who are deliberate and non-traditional


So many people don't see their culture, spiritual practices, or family structures reflected back to them in the 'traditional' weddings they see on TV. Planning a wedding that actually fits you and your partner takes deliberate choices because you don't have a clear roadmap. A "non-traditional" wedding can look different for everyone. It can be a deeply spiritual Pagan handfasting or a big party with southern BBQ, beer samplings, and not a single ounce of your standard ceremonious traditions.


Narrative Driven Coverage

Being queer has often felt like holding conflicting truths. So questioning preconceived societal norms has been a long held practice for me. I work hard to bring that into my shooting - documenting people as they are, not how monolithic and antiquated norms define them. ​I mix artistically posed images with candid coverage shots to deliver a photojournalist gallery.


2024 Pricing

Bread and Butter, Essentials Package 

6 Hour Package  |  $3,200

Tea and Toast, Sweetheart Package

8 Hour Package  |  $4,000

Additional Coverage  |  $550 for each additional hour
Always willing to provide a custom quote.


Flat rate |  $550

Engagements are approximately 90 minutes, can include up to 2 locations in close proximity, and one outfit change if desired. 

*$100 discount for those booking an engagement session and wedding at the same time. 

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