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The Doctors We Need

A software designer and a med student, both brilliantly smart and brilliantly in love. Garrett is the trans doctor the world needs and Isaac? A man of full belly laughs and endless praise. We connected over being somewhat judgey gays who still care deeply for our community. I was sold the second I said, "Garrett, I LOVE your name. " To which he responded, "Thanks! I chose it myself!" (A line I often use because I think it's hysterical)

Our first call, they opened by saying what they loved so much about my work and talked candidly about their nerves having never had a shoot like this. We worked together to talk about parts of themselves that they were self conscious of and the day of the shoot we just hyped each other up the whole day. We ended the shoot by ordering take out from a local business and diving right into cheesy potato wedges. 

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