Manhattan, NY

Sage was wonderful to work with. They created gorgeous images of our wedding, capturing so many moments of joy, wonder and bliss. They have an incredible sense of timing, and after receiving their images, I was struck by how authentically they captured our day. Our wedding was really intimate, emotional and magical, and I didn't expect that to be able to necessarily be translated into still photos, but Sage made that happen. 

They were prompt and timely with editing and delivery of the images, and forthright and communicative throughout our whole experience. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to invest in gorgeous photos.



Brooklyn, NY

[in an email the night after the wedding]


I look forward to the photos and I wanted to say that while I was laying in bed awake last night I was thinking how great you were.  I didn't feel like you were in the way at all - frankly I don't even remember seeing you while I was on stage - which seems like a perfect photographer.  But I *also* felt like anytime I wanted you around to take a photo, poof there you were!!  Thank you again!



Western, MA

[hired to photographer her father and his husband after her father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer]


They love them!!!!! Love love love them. All they talked about at dinner was how talented you are. The back lighting on the pics in the lobby was exactly what we needed to make everyone love those photos. Seriously not one person was annoyed with the group photos which is amazing. They don’t know if they can pic just a few to frame they watched the slide show and want them all. They were like little kids when I pulled the box out and the fact that they were matted was 100% worth it. They had which a good experience passing them around the table and holding them. They bonded with the photos. 


Thank you again for all of it. This was worth it. I’ve never spent so much on one gift, but I’m glad I did. These were next level and created great memories at a tough time. No matter what happens to Dad we will always have these photos and such good memories attached. They told a bunch of stories about picture day and how they had no clue what you were doing, but now they get it. And sharing the photos around the table in Aruba will now be added to the stories that surround these photos. 


You created months of joy and a life time of beautiful memories. Thank you!!​


Photography & Web Marketing

Western, MA

[You have an] outstanding craftsmanship, keen artistic eye, and conscientious sense of moment.



Brooklyn, MA



Real Estate Photography & Web Marketing

Western, MA

Sage has done all the photography for my recent properties. The quality of their work is exceptional. Each photo reflects the integrity of the scale and detail I have put into the building and design. Their videos and photographs are an excellent addition to my marketing strategy.



Easthampton, MA

​Sage exceeded our expectations in both the experience of having them as a photographer at our wedding and in the quality of the resulting photos. Before our wedding, they met with us and quickly understood what we were looking for, and also gave us some pro tips based on their experience with weddings. At the event, they were friendly and professional without ever becoming intrusive. They captured amazing candids even in tricky lighting situations or in fast-paced moments on the dance floor. The posed photos looked natural and the settings they helped us choose were perfect. We highly recommend them!


A touching inquiry

Washington, DC

I'm looking for a queer, butch/boi-friendly photographer. I got wind of a modeling possibility over at Hautebutch and decided to apply.


I'm was intrigued by your Right Click Queer project [and it's diversity]. I'm also deaf (not Deaf) with Cochlear Implants and I'm struggling to fully embrace my boi status [because], as you say, it's challenging in society. I totally get what you write -- as I have a PhD in Philosophy and Women's Studies [...] Frankly, you're the only photog I've found online who I *might* feel most comfortable enough to shoot with. Or, be shot at. Cause that's what it feels like to me. But I wanna break through that fear. 


Debate Event Coverage

Parent of a student at MS 74

​Thank you for taking the time in your schedule to make this event possible. You helped the kids' shine and captured moments that matters so much to the kids themselves and their parents. Thank you for supporting the kids in debate and the importance of debating in their future...

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