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A rising tide floats all boats.


Offering community-focused, anti-monopoly classes with a focus on tailored content and individualized pointers. Affordable and accessible workshops crafted to suit the photography and marketing needs of small businesses and freelancers.

Workshops that help you cut through the noise with data driven strategy.

Available for hire for customized symposiums, higher ed speaking, one-on-one and group trainings.


Past Offering

Someone once said:

"Your curiosity is so powerful it's like a living creature. The second someone shows they are interested in something, you have a connection, or an article, or an opportunity. Your support is always more than "that sounds cool." Your investment in the success and happiness of others is remarkable af." 


I thrive to share education and create networks of support for those around him. 


What is oomvelt?

Founded on the belief that we all do better when we all do better, oomvelt was a workshop series I created in 2019. Courses were taught with a focus on community, anti-monopoly goals, and accessible education . It offered of affordable workshops tailored to the photography and marketing needs of small businesses and freelancers. I tought concepts, not formulas and uplifted others through no b.s. information, personalized feedback, and peer networking. Crafted for the punks, rebels, and crafters who are tired of corporate monopolies crushing small businesses and freelancers. Let's face it, none of us will ever have a whole marketing team or a multi-million dollar ad budget. But that doesn't mean we should lie down and let Walmart become the go-to place for headshots or Applebee's be everyone's go-to restaurant. ​ Investing in education is one way to fight the good fight.

What does oomvelt mean?

Umwelt / oomvelt / reality as it is experienced by a particular organism. The truth of your products, services, and art are defined only by their perception. It doesn't matter what you do, it matters what consumers think you do. The best marketing aligns consumer perception with reality.

Do you still teach?

Yes! While it's become easier and more cost effective to absorb the oomvelt brand into Sage Orville, the content is still beyond valuable. In March of 2020, two talks will be presented at NERD Summit. One on one instruction and guest lectures are also aviliable.

For the curious.

One of the hardest things about shutting down my former site is losing the digital assets created for the brand. It was jarring and meant to give pause. Inspired by both brutalist web design and the art of the Dada Art movement, the graphics were both bold and minimalistic, boasting gritty hybrids of everyday objects to give them new meaning. Here's a few of my favorites: oomvelt logo

  • Et tu Brute? Intuitive UX, meet Brutalism

    Modern principles of web design focus most heavily on the user experience and being able to successfully assume and satisfy the user's needs. From menu headings to links, skim friendly and hierarchical written copy to clear functionality, web designers make hundreds of decisions to craft a perfectly intuitive web experience so the user doesn't have to think. Brutalist websites, by contrast, are abrasive and grungy with many rough edge interactions. With no clear discernment for comfort, they seem to throw out the playbook on intuitive design, or do they?

    View this talk from NERD Summit's 2020 virtual conference. 

  • Unf*ck Your Website: Basics of User-friendly Web Design

    From front end mechanics to the back end meta data work, learn how to make your website user friendly, purposefully intuitive, and connect with the right audiences and organically grow reach. We’ll talk about usability principles, accessibility, different hosting platforms, and niche group search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for higher Google ranking. This workshop will end with a collective website review for participants who submit one.

  • How the foundations of UX can bring resumes into the 21st century

    Employers spend only a few second reviewing a resume. In a hyper saturated internet, web design is hinged on making content quickly digestible and impressionable. Learn how to make a better resume and CV with these principles. Walk away with the ability to professionally market yourself with a resume that is more skim friendly, better visually formatted out, and bold with language that is sharp, heavy hitting, and without filler. This class will include a full lecture full of tips and tricks and end with resume workshopping.

    View a shortened version of that workshop.

  • ADA Compliance: Making Your Website More Handicap Accessible

    Your website needs to meet certain baselines and standards such as color contrast, alternative text, video captions, and more. These help ensure that those with vision impairments can utilize tools like screen readers. Some of these standards are costly, but necessary, yet many businesses are not aware of or heeding the requirements.

    Failure to do bars some users from accessing information they need and can lead to lawsuits.

    Is your site up to snuff?

  • Marketing Analytics: an Intro to Google Analytics

    What does a data guided strategy mean and how do you do it? Learn about user demographics, secondary dimensions, asking good data questions, interpreting results, and making web design choices based on those findings. You'll get an overview covering everything from the differences between bounce and exit rates to user segmentation. 

  • Making your business more queer inclusive

    Learn how to make your business more inclusive, from contact forms to hiring practices, media campaigns to in person practices. This is a 101 and 102 level course looking at rhetoric and representation. We'll look at the text on your website, job postings, and contact forms to see how they can be refined. We'll talk about some aspects of queer culture and what you can do to be more cognizant of the spectrum of people out there.

  • Intro to Off Camera Flash

    Learn qualities of light, different lighting tools, and lighting placement to better shoot stylized portraits, couples, and groups. Gain better control over your images from dark and moody to bright and airy. We’ll teach you many one and two light setups for lighting a scene using affordable gear in this hands own workshop.

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