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I’m a trans content creator who consistently produces data drive results. With 6 years of experience in database management and institutional research, you could say that I’m a bit of a data nerd. I love pulling apart numbers to help clients understand the subtle nuances of desktop and mobile user behaviors.


I hold a research-focused bachelors in Experimental Psychology from St. John’s University and am presently enrolled in a Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics MA program through Emerson College.


I have a clear eye for aesthetic, clean layouts, and developing a cohesive brand voice both in written and multimedia content. As a team player and a jack of all trades with a speciality in data refined, detail heavy, SEO strategy, I’m a valuable addition to any team or project.

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Mount Holyoke College

Copy Writer and Editor

I am writing on behalf of my colleague Sage Shea. I have had the pleasure to work with him for nearly a year at Mount Holyoke’s Office of Communications and Marketing, where Sage serves as Digital Content Strategist. 


Sage has impressed me and our whole team from the moment he stepped on campus. He is articulate and insightful. Driven and proactive. Humorous and creative. Collaborative and encouraging. Eager to contribute, learn and grow. A natural leader and mentor. An asset across our various teams: web, design, content creation. 


With his sweeping command of website analytics, we have been able to make better informed decisions regarding which projects to pursue and which to decline — never an easy feat for an office such as ours, which serves multiple stakeholders. Thanks to his understanding of how users think, vital online pages of Mount Holyoke news and information have never had more tailored and thoughtful keywords associated with them. And for the first time in my four-year tenure at the College, I can now access a robust dashboard, created by Sage, that takes all guess work out of “Where are site visitors going?”

The fact that we have an impressive photographer on staff, while not reflected in his title, has not escaped the notice of colleagues in my office and beyond. Sage’s work has appeared both on the College’s website and in the Alumnae Quarterly, which is sent to tens of thousands of alumnae. 


I also value the multiple lenses through which Sage views the world and admire his courage in letting others know when they can — and should — do better. He does so with tact yet without hesitation. As a women’s college that since 2014 has explicitly welcomed transgender and nonbinary students, Mount Holyoke faces challenges in ensuring that our suite of print and digital materials match our College’s stated goals for inclusivity. It is vital to have staff such as Sage who are ready to point out when senior-level decision makers are missing the mark. 


It is not often you come across a colleague who could conduct his entire written correspondence in haiku. Sage has a truly nimble mind, a remarkable eye for visuals and an indomitable, fearless spirit. He will be treasured by any department he joins. 

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