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A current headshot of Western MA photographer and marketer, Sage Orville Shea. They're a white a transmasc person with brown hair, round glasses, and ample tattoos.


Community based photography through a queer lens.

A photo is more than clicking a button.
The person behind the lens matters.

The face of aged anxiety. Gender chimera. The intersection of best practices and creative box breaking. Raw and tender human connection is my bread and butter. As a trans content creator (they/them), I've spent my career photographing diverse populations. Punks, artists, and crafters give my life meaning. My work is crisp and community-based with growing nods to street photography.


I value candor over inauthentic performance, and focus on bold representation. In branding, I know how to make the new feel familiar while interjecting just enough rough edge moments to make the most important features memorable.

I started working professionally as a photographer in 2015 and hit the ground running. In tandem with finishing my Masters in Digital Marketing and Analytics, I work full time as a web strategist and have a healthy serving of digital branding freelance on the side.

Sage Orville Photography and Marketing Logo
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