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Moral marketing: delivering bold, data driven, niche content. 

I have a clear eye for aesthetic layouts with intuitive navigation that puts the user first and decreases cognitive load. I make new websites feel familiar. I have a vast knowledge with a background in marketing analytics, ADA  compliance, and improving organic reach. 

Does your business exist if no one knows about it?

In a world that favors monopolies, I believe in the power of small business and freelancers, in the people who can cut  through the hegemony, in the goods and services that put people first. I market what people need to the groups that need them. I use data to connect people with the services that can change their lives for the better, and empower local businesses through transparency and training.

Community over competition. Always. Let's fight the good fight together.



Are you reaching your niche? Could your site be better? Your brand is only as strong as it's perception. How many people won't even consider a Buick because they assume it's for old drivers? (somehow being reliable and durrable has become a bad calling card). Buick even had to start an ad campaign to combat this. If prospective clients can't find you, don't know what you do, or worse, believe something untrue about your company, then it doesn't matter what you actually sell. A clean site which clear CTAs, user design, and SEO will bring you more customers and will boost conversion rates. With a Masters in digital marketing and marketing analytics and years of marketing work​ under my belt, I know a thing or two about web design. This includes:

  • A Consultation (up to 2 hours): we'll talk about your current vs ideal clients, goals, brand voice, strengths, pressure points. I'll bring questions and push to get deeper and more crystalized, granular insights. Audits are best done with this foundation.
  • Audit of Top Level Pages: I'll methodically go through your website for L1 and L2 pages to check for things like basic ADA compliance, brand voice, wireframes and layouts, areas of poor user design, and more
  • Video: A screen record of these friction points with explanations of why they're friction points and suggestions of action items
  • List of Action Items: sorted by priority, this will be a relatively extensive list (pending your website's needs)
  • Strategy Document: A short list of things to do to improve governance, build long term SEO, and maintain a strong brand voice
  • 30 min Debrief: I'll be available to answer any questions you have
These audits are granular, specific, and designed to give you clear action items.

WEB BUILDING - $55 per hr.

This is a long process that is custom tailored and quoted to each individual. It involves a detailed discovery period. Some things covered in the discovery phase are:

  • Your brand identity and voice
  • The tone and messaging you want to convey
  • The resources that you have to manage your site after I'm done (I don't want to set you up on a platform that isn't user friendly to you)
  • Marketing priorities and financial restrictions
  • Business and functionality needs
  • Key products and services
I offer a wide range of services for web building and most frequently build on Wix or Squarespace. Services include:
  • SEO: meta descriptions, meta titles, keywords
  • ADA: compliant colors, fonts, header tags, alt text (note: I do starting ADA complaince work, specialists would be best for deeper dives)
  • Content: writing and strategy
  • Menu architecture
  • Skinning, formatting, etc
  • Integrated tools and functionality
  • Strategy, visual style guides, etc.
Photography and video work can be added a la carte. Consultations are free. Most small sites (approx 20 pages) range from 40-60 hours. Hours are estimated at the project onset with an established scope and forecasted hours. This forecasting is used to generate a flat fee for the full project. $55 per hour is used for estimating purposes but final costs may deviate slightly above or below that amount.

CONSULTING - $55 per hr.

With a background in digital storytelling, advertising to niche markets, and an eye for long tail conversions and SEO strategy, I'm available to be pulled on as a consultant to either serve as a strategist, project manager, or other support role. My main guiding principles are:

  1. Decreasing the user’s cognitive load
  2. Creating an intuitive UX that makes the new feel familiar
  3. Creating content with a bite: making sure media is unique, bold, and true to brand. Media should be capable of cutting through homogeny while showing a clear value proposition to the viewer
  4. Data-driven strategy: being nimble and adaptive in response to what the data tells us
  5. Through visual storytelling and striking digital assets, creating creative, human stories that you can’t help but empathize with
While my skills are vast, many rest on the idea of develop targeted, user first digital marketing campaigns and websites across a variety of digital interfaces with a keen sensitivity towards the user's native environment and unique needs. I impore empathetic digital storytelling appropriately scaled for their respective platform channels to motivate new prospects and make existing customers loyal.

ANALYTICS - $60 per hr.

From advanced Google Analytics to predictive analytics, brand monitoring to sentiment analysis, I'm incredibly helpful at designing, implementing, and analyzing a data-driven marketing strategy, providing the framework to deploy targeted and personalized marketing treatments. From retroactively assessing campaign efficacy to building predictive models to forecast consumer behavior, I can help you set up your business for better monitoring, give meaningful insights, identify opportunities and leads, and ultimately help you reach greater success.





New Jersey Parents of Developmentally Disabled Adults is an advocacy website created by a mother of an adult child with disability. What started as a Facebook group grew into a large network of resources for parents trying to navigate counterintuitive, poorly structured state websites as they seek funding and care for their children. 



Being a smaller organization, its ability to be organically found without SEO strategy is small. To be more prominently and clearly featured on search engine results pages (SERPs), the  following were added:

  • Short and long tail keywords

  • Meta descriptions

  • Keyword heavy meta titles


The former website did not secure usage permissions for the images they used. I sourced and created a small database of digital assets for them to use royalty free for commercial usage. 


Refined the web architecture around intuitive UX design, modernize layout, colors, and font choices for a clear visual hierarchy and skim friendly content.


Both to bring them up to legal standards and to help them better serve their target and secondary audiences of those with or caring for those with disability, several measures were taken. This included:

  • Alt-text

  • Consistent header tags

  • Content rich hyperlinks

  • Color contrast compliant color pallets

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Intuitive UX, striking imagery, and bold copy. I'm your one-stop shop for small business digital marketing. If you're looking for your "unicorn" that can do it all, look no further.



- Premiere Pro, Adobe Spark, Lightroom



- Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Eventbrite, Tumblr, Twitter



- Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly, WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Browser Stack



- SEO implementation, Google Analytics, Hotjar, My Data Studio, Google My Business, Brandwatch, MozBar


- Trello, Active Collab, Podio


- Mailchimp, Slack, Hipchat



- Camtasia



- MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint



- Qualtrics, Google Forms



- Microsoft Dynamics (NAV), Google Drive Suite, Crystal Reports

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