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Web Marketing

Moral marketing: delivering bold, data driven, niche content. 

I have a clear eye for aesthetic layouts with intuitive navigation that puts the user first and decreases cognitive load. I make new websites feel familiar. I have a vast knowledge with a background in marketing analytics, ADA  compliance, and improving organic reach. 

Does your business exist if no one knows about it?

In a world that favors monopolies, I believe in the power of small business and freelancers, in the people who can cut  through the hegemony, in the goods and services that put people first. I market what people need to the groups that need them. I use data to connect people with the services that can change their lives for the better, and empower local businesses through transparency and training.

Community over competition. Always. Let's fight the good fight together.

  • Work history
    The Boylston Rooms — Brand Specialist OCT 2021 – PRESENT Redesign and relaunch the Boylston Rooms website with a focus on organic SEO rank, ADA compliance, UX, and decreasing administrative overhead Analyze brand positioning, market trends, and consumer insights to identify new growth opportunities, translating brand elements into actionable strategies Lead creative development of brand assets including marketing images and print pieces Manage a marketing budget of approximately $45k. Partner with regional magazines for ad placement Automate client forms and convert them to fillable PDFs with basic ADA compliance Advanced Communications Fellow, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (federal) The United Nations aims to protect 10% of the ocean by 2020. In September of 2016, former President Obama established the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, a legally protected biodiverse, biomass-rich, and geographically varied ocean region approximately the size of Connecticut. PT Fellowship. OCT 2021 – JULY 2022 Collaborate with the National Wildlife Refuges, NOAA, and other partners to develop a multi-dimensional and omni-channel outreach strategy that reaches both traditional stakeholders (e.g. fishermen, coastal towns, marine biologists) and non-traditional communities (e.g. landlocked urban centers, homesteaders) Research and refine robust, empirically supported behavior-change marketing strategies to encourage positive upstream behavioral shifts (e.g. social norms marketing) to bolster oceanic protective factors Provide technical assistance on websites, site analytics, and social media Develop new digital assets including internal regional videos showcasing collaborations with sovereign tribal nations Train interns, provide one-on-one mentoring sessions, and develop remote training modules for skill development Help define the scope of contracted for public scoping on federal laws regarding the Monument; assist in drafting contracts Technical Assistance and Evaluation Coordinator, FRCOG Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG) provides regional and state-wide support focused on substance misuse prevention and health inequalities for school-aged children. In addition to evaluations and analysis for Franklin County, this position supports grand recipients funded by the Bureau of Substance Addiction. AUG 2020 – OCT 2021 Provides strategic, programming, and technical support to grant recipients to better refine prevention efforts through evidence based approaches Document trainings and strategic planning with various stakeholders and implementing partners. At times, this includes grants and logic models Plans regional implementation of several annual tests including the Teen Health Survey Engage in qualitative assessment via focus groups and interviews on topics including mental health, racial disparities and inequality, and substance usage Work with local boards to develop survey metrics Analyze data, write reports, prepare press releases, present data Digital Content Strategist, Mount Holyoke College MHC is a small, gender inclusive women’s college. Their site is over 30,000 web pages and managed on Drupal 7. OCT 2018 - AUG 2020 Create online content strategies in alignment with the College’s strategic priorities Increase web traffic and user engagement through SEO best practices, custom metadata, and strategic keywords Analytics: Create annual aggregate baselines for analytics. Run and report specific analytics using Z scores, decision tree modeling, churn rates, correlations, standard deviations, T-tests, and more Cull web pages to improve site navigation Supervise student workers. Adjust the program to more closely mirror a skills-based internship focusing on teaching web fundamentals, content strategy, keyword planning, and contextual linking building Triage and execute web edit requests submitted via Podio Manage digital assets library (Libris) Help vet and interview vendors for anticipated brand relaunch Creative: Film and edit videos for presidential communications, photograph and edit images for live events, lend feedback to print layout Boards: Trans and Gender Nonconforming (TGNC) Policy Task Force, Student Experience Emergency Response Board (COVID), Quantitative Assessment Subcommittee for Remote Learning Events, IT Subcommittee for Remote Events Photographer and Business Owner, Sage Orville Photography and Marketing MAY 2015 - PRESENT Manage client correspondence, identify needs, define scope, draft quotes. Work to understand clients’ goals, brand,and priorities. Create fully inclusive media campaigns for clients including website building, branding work, photography, videos, social media posts (organic and PPC), and marketing analytics Manage social media platforms and track efficacy through Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Google Analytics, and Hotjar Properly set off camera flash, white balance, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and exposure to ensure accurate coloring, lighting, and depth of field Edit photos in Adobe Lightroom with global edits, beauty edits, and more granular brush adjustments to stay in line with visual brand Edit video in Premiere Pro with transitions, stabilization, audio enhancements, layered video, screening effects, masking layers, color grading, etc. Published in BostonVoyager, The Valley Advocate, DapperQ, QWear, and Take Magazine with clients like Smith College, CLPP, Hampshire College, Rogue Life Arts, and Gateway City Arts Project Manager, Gravity Switch MAY 2018 - AUG 2018 Ensured that contracted web development and graphic design work was completed on time Lead in-person and remote meetings with prospective and current clients Collect budget information, make memorandums of engagement, manage and deliver budget updates Create and review tickets/bugs before site launch across Drupal, Squarespace, and Wordpress sites on different devices and browsers using Browser Stack Implement, manage, and report on Google Analytics Write updated privacy policies in compliance with GDPR practices Execute ADA compliance measures across sites for AA and AAA level compliance Smoke test after site launch Data Management Associate, Harold Grinspoon Foundation JULY 2016 - MAY 2018 Trained PJ Library implementing partners in enrollment process with specialized data management software Ran quarterly reports evaluating communities’ performance to better highlight regions in need of assistanceCreated video training resources for communities Hosted in-house training for Microsoft Dynamics, NAV. Also created an extensive procedure manual for monthly processes Validated a high-volume of individual subscriber eligibility (3,000 monthly) for enrollment in numerous international programs such as PJ Library and PJ Our Way Prepared exported lists to be used for Facebook lookalike audiences Participated in monthly data validation processes culminating with the production of mailing lists for the fulfillment center through Microsoft Dynamics and advanced Excel functions such as Vlookup and Macros Geocoded maps for subscriber location using BatchGeo
  • Smart talks with smart people (Seminars)
    The Social Model of Disability — Presentation, NERD NITE, JUNE 2023 Disability Drives Design — Presentation, NERD SUMIT, MARCH 2023 Steel and Flint Discussions: Make your brand a safer space for LGBTQ+ couples — Invited Panelist, Steel And Flint Society: Wedding Photography Education-Esteban Gil, JUNE 2020 How the foundations of UX can bring resumes into the 21st century — Presentation NERD Summit, MARCH 2020 Et tu Brute? Intuitive UX, meet Brutalism — Presentation NERD Summit, MARCH 2020 Making Strides to ADA Compliance — 101-level Presentation Western MA Podcamp, FEB 2020 Foundations of Intuitive UX — 101 level Presentation Western MA Podcamp, FEB 2020 Marketing Analytics: an Intro to Google Analytics — Presentation Yankee Candle Village, MAY 2019 Intro to Off Camera Flash — Presentation Kat Kattler Photography Studio, MAR 2019 & Yankee Candle Village, MAY 2019 Resume Building: How applying web principles will better showcase your skills — 3 hr. Presentation and Interactive Group Workshopping The Red Barn, MAY 2019 & Yankee Candle Village, MAY 2019 Making Your Business More Queer Inclusive— Lecture The Red Barn, APRIL 2019 Fix Your Website: Basics of User-friendly Web Design — 3 hr. Presentation and Interactive Group Workshopping The Red Barn, APRIL 2019 & Yankee Candle Village, MAY 2019 ADA Compliance: Making Your Website More Handicap Accessible — Lecture The Red Barn, APRIL 2019 Et tu Brute? Intuitive User Design Meets Brutalism — Lecture and Q&A Northampton Nerd Nite, FEB 2019 Google Analytics 101: User Demographics, Page Traffic Comparisons, and Asking the Right Questions — Lecture and Q&A Podcamp Un-conference, FEB 2019 Google Analytics 201: Secondary Dimensions — Lecture Podcamp Un-conference, FEB 2019 Going Toe to Toe: Trans Identities and Digital Footprints — Lecture and Interactive Workshop Facilitated by Amherst College for 9th Annual Five College Queer Gender and Sexuality Conference, MAR 2018 Photography Queeries: a How To Guide for Marketing, Inclusivity, and Welcoming Your LGBT+ Client — Lecture Facilitated by PUG (Photography Networking Group) in partnership with Shana Perry of Love & Perry
  • Education / Schooling
    Emerson College, Boston, MA — Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics MA GPA: 3.85 Deans List St John’s University, Jamaica NY — Bachelor of Art, Psychology BA December 2015 Philosophy and Sociology Minors Dean’s List: 2012-2016 Researched and wrote preliminary thesis pilot on the perception of microaggressions for racial minority communities and gender and sexual minorities Completion of 6 graduate courses with high marks Honors: Psi Chi, Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society Researcher and assistant lab manager at the Ethnic Identity and Well-being Lab and the Neuro-Developmental Speech Perception Lab responsible for data management, research method instruction, participant scheduling, leading meetings, and procedures manual creation
  • Attended Conferences
    NERD Summit Presented: “Disability Drives Design” MARCH 2023 NERD Summit (moved remote because of COVID-19)* Presented two talks: “How the foundations of UX can bring resumes into the 21st century” and “Et tu Brute? Intuitive UX, meet Brutalism” MARCH 2020 Podcamp Un-conference Presented: “ADA Compliance 101” and “The basics of web design: a 60 minute crash course.” Attended several courses on cooperative power sharing, podcasting, and social media marketing. FEB 2020 Higher Ed Analytics Conference, Developing a data informed culture, Maximizing analytics guided profit, Communicating analytics with faculty, Measurement strategies, GA insights for SEO/SEM, Cutting email audience while boosting conversion rates, Measuring advertising landing pages for Gen Z, Connecting campaign data dots, Decision matrices,Streamlining social media reporting FEB 2020 NEDcamp, FOMO? Take Control of Your Career!, The Top 5 Business Goals A Website Needs to Achieve, Keynote - The Three Circles of Digital Care, Accessibility 102: Slightly Beyond the Development Basics, Typographic Design Innovation with Modern CSS & Variable Fonts NOV 2019 NEDcamp, Drupal 8 Full Day Intensive, Leslie Glynn (Drupal Association Board of Directors and Aaron Winborn Award recipient) NOV 2019 NERD Summit Day 1, Select Talks: Lessons from Homer's Car in Human-Centered Design, #Voicefirst: Ready Your Content to Search 50% of Global Searches, User-Story Driven Thread Modeling MAR 2019 NERD Summit Day 2, Dealing with Open Source Licenses, Design Systems: Nerding out on UI Components, A New Resource-Centric Approach to Sales, Beta Testing in Your Business, The Interdisciplinary of Digital Product Design, Strategies for Ongoing Client Success, Test Driven Development MAR 2019
  • One off workshops and classes
    Misinformation and Finding Truth, CT Forum: Panelists Brooke Gladstone, Ronan Farrow, and Stephen F. Hayes. Moderated by John Dankosky, MAR 2023 Dissecting Campaigns: Wins, Losses and Everything In Between, Braunz Courtney, GP State Rep. Rinitta Shannon, Natanya Robinowitz, Dinah Ortiz, MAR 2021 Unpacking Anti-Asian Misogyny, Purity Culture, and Gender-Based Violence, Sydney Rae Chin, Cecilia, Erica Smith, MAR 2021 Prevention Fundimentals (20 hr course), Prevention Solutions, FEB 2021 Finding Existing Data to Inform Your Prevention Efforts, Prevention Solutions, OCT 2020 Making the Most of Key Informant Interviews, Prevention Solutions, SEPT 2020 Focusing on Focus Group, Prevention Solutions, SEPT 2020 Getting To Free: Personal Transformation Toward Collective Liberation, JLove Calderón, JAN 2020 Supporting Students on the Margins: A Case for Real Inclusion, Dr. Anthony Jack, author of “The Privileged Poor,” JAN 2020 Challenge the Process, Rethinking and organizing change in collaborative projects, JAN 2020 Gender 101 and Trans Inclusive Practices, T.J. Jourian, JAN 2020 Bringing digital personalization strategies to your projects, Ellen Diamond (Oomph Inc), online stream from 2019’s NED Camp DEC 2019 Content Management: A Job For Humans, Rachael Frank (Gravity Switch), online stream from 2019’s NERD Summit DEC 2019 NEDcamp, FOMO? Take Control of Your Career and Life!, The Top 5 Business Goals A Website Needs to Achieve, Keynote - The Three Circles of Digital Care, Accessibility 102: Slightly Beyond the Development Basics, Typographic Design Innovation with Modern CSS & Variable Fonts NOV 2019 NEDcamp, Drupal 8 Full Day Intensive, Leslie Glynn (Drupal Association Board of Directors and Aaron Winborn Award recipient) NOV 2019 Climate Crisis, CT Forum with featured speakers Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, David Wallace-Wells, and Gina McCarthy NOV 2019 Trans Inclusion at Women's Colleges, Dean Spade Associate, Professor at Seattle University School of Law NOV 2019 Accessibility and Inclusion: The Intersections of Disability Justice and LGBTQ Rights, Mia MingusOCT 2019 SANS Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Mount Holyoke College AUG 2019 Nerd Summit Day 1, Select Talks: Lessons from Homer's Car in Human-Centered Design, #Voicefirst: Ready Your Content to Search 50% of Global Searches, User-Story Driven Thread Modeling MAR 2019 Nerd Summit Day 2, Dealing with Open Source Licences, Design Systems: Nerding out on UI Components, A New Resource-Centric Approach to Sales, Beta Testing in Your Business, The Interdisciplinarity of Digital Product Design, Strategies for Ongoing Client Success, Test Driven Development MAR 2019 Photo Wonders: The Life and Work of Extraordinary Photographers, at panelist discussion by Lynsey Addario, Brian Skerry, Pete Souza and Moderated by Lucky Nalpathanchil MAR 2019 Workplace Harassment: Fundamentals - Higher, Ed EduRisk by United Educators FEB 2019 Succeeding in a Micro-Moments World, Len Gendron, Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce and SCORE Western Massachusetts FEB 2019 Storytelling 101, Dan Desrochers and Lauren Simmonds, Podcamp Un-conference FEB 2019 Growing Engagement Across Instagram and Facebook, Jamie Cocco, Podcamp Un-conference FEB 2019 Legal Update for Title IX and Related Laws, Saudra K. Schuster, JD of alIXa DEC 2018 Grant Writing 101, Easthampton Cultural Council LCC SEPT 2018 Get Press Ready: Media Relations for Artists, Sarah Platanitis of Assets for Artists MAY 2018 SEO for PR Pros: Search can Help You Get Your Message Out, Andy Crestodina via Meltwater MAY 2018 Civil Liberties and Public Policy: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom Conference Attendee and Photographer, APRIL 2018 Mailchimp 201, Meredith Esquivel, Digital Marketing Whaler of Whole Whale In Person Training Intensive, APRIL 2018 Mailchimp 101+, Meredith Esquivel, Digital Marketing Whaler of Whole Whale In Person Training Intensive, APRIL 2018 Inbound Fundamentals, Lindsay Thibeault, Senior Inbound Professor at Hubspot Online Lecture, JAN 2018 Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks, Joe Ruotolo and Thoama Yang of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation Inservice, JAN 2018 Discover How to Improve Your SEO with Social Media, Jason, Director of Social Media with Jumpcrew Webinar, DEC 2017 The Importance of Building a Social Calendar, Jason, Director of Social Media with Jumpcrew Webinar, DEC 2017 Instagram Marketing Essentials, Martrell Harris with Jumpcrew Webinar, DEC 2017 How Consistent Visual Guidelines Improve Brand Awareness, Affinity, and Recall: Everything you need to know about creating consistently on-brand visual content, Alex Direnzo, Content Strategist for Shutterstock Custom Webinar, DEC 2017 Employer Branding on Linkedin, Viveka Von Rosen Online Lecture, DEC 2017 Marketing Foundations: Competitive Market Analysis, Deidre Breakenridge Online Lecture, DEC 2017 Marketing Foundations: Value Proposition Development, Chris Goward Online Lecture, DEC 2017 Intro To Flash Photography Taken, Mark Wallace Online Lecture, NOV 2017 Digging Deep for Purpose and Profit, Sarah Prall In-Person Lecture facilitated by PUG, MAR 2017 Going Beyond Boosting for Business: Facebook Marketing, Crystal Childs, Founder and Marketing Director at Splash Marketing and Creative In-Person Lecture facilitated by PUG, DEC 2016 Finding Your Super Power: A Talk About Branding, Sandra Costello In-Person Lecture facilitated by PUG, NOV 2016
  • Academic Research
    Data Manager and Lead Research | APRIL 2016 - MAY 2018 A inquiry looking at how Lyme disease socially impacts participants with a specific focus on participants’ assessments of their interpersonal and workplace relationships, and value assessments of the medical field. Research will further explore how access to and quality of insurance impact these assessments. Relevant Press: “UMass Amherst lab tests ticks for viruses,” Luis Fieldman of The Sentield [Greenfield, MA] Created experimental design using conditional formatting, skip logic, likert scales, randomized question blocks, and data accuracy checks in Qualtrics survey platform for an exploratory small scale study Obtained IRB approval through UMass Amherst which included creation of recruitment draft, documentation of methods, CITI certification for “Social and Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel” Basic Course, consent form, and other supporting documentation Preliminary statistical analysis of data using correlations, pivot-tables for summated totals and percentages for individual questions, standard deviations, medians, arithmetic means, medians, and histograms Collaborated with a statistician to define group perampiters for participants with more severe and more frequent Lyme symptomatology and those with less severe and less frequent symptomology based on community symptom trends, and generated descriptive statistics (race, relationship status, education, etc), two tailed significance testing, crosstabs, chi-square tests, created scale measures, and logistic regressions Using tables from the statistician, created master analysis sheet with executive summary, clear breakdowns of hypotheses, thorough analysis, items of interest, relevant measures, analysis measures, results, and limitations in an easy to follow guide that was user friendly to less experienced researchers Micro-Aggressions are Judged as Intentionally Hurtful, Pilot Study PI | OCT 2015 - NOV 2016 Microaggressions are interactions which convey covert or unconscious biases/beliefs about disenfranchised groups. As overt discrimination declines in social acceptability, modern discrimination finds itself represented in the form of micro-aggressions (Sue, 2010). Micro-aggressions occur are subtle in nature and can manifest in both verbal and nonverbal communication and often aims at lessening or imposing inferiority the target minority in some way (Sue, 2010). Theoretical construction of micro-aggressions suggest that those who perpetuate them often view themselves as non-prejudiced and thus may fail to recognize their own biases and the hurtfulness their statements and actions may hold (Nedal et al., 2012). Thus, the hurt caused by micro-aggression is, by definition, unintentional. The aim of this study was to explore the if theoretical construct of micro-aggressions reflects how micro-aggression are perceived. Specifically, we investigated whether the hurt caused by micro-aggressions is judged to be intentional by an observer. Researched literature, wrote literary review, IRB approved consent form, and postulated a hypothesis Adapted speech or action based microagressions from the Homonegative Microaggressions Scale (Wright and Wegner, 2012) and from Sue et al.’s (2007) taxonomy (n=42, n=27 respectively) for main tools of assessment; asked participants to assess stimuli’s perceived hurt and perpetrators intent to hurt. Implemented survey via Qualtrics Recruited participants via SONA and awarded credits for completion Statistically analyzed and interpreted data using Person correlations, T-tests, tests of power to see if segmented sample sizes were large enough, and divided groups based on demographic markers Ethnic Identity and Wellbeing Lab, St. John’s University NY Head Research Assistant | FEB 2014 - DEC 2014 Research focused on Implicit Association Testing participants of different ethnic backgrounds and the allotment of credit upon completion of participation Head organizer of research assistants, responsible for scheduling between 7 research assistants and over 200 participants as well as relaying schedules daily through phone and email mediums Calendar maintenance and allotting the proper class accreditation in SONA for study participants Summated data, maintained data integrity, security, and de-identification, organization, and accuracy, and participant confidentiality, looked for blank or missing fields Neuro-Developmental Speech Perception Lab, CUNY Graduate Center NY Assistant Lab Director | SEPT 2012 - JAN 2016 Research focused on the the neurological development of different speech pathways and processing, focusing specifically on the P1-N1-P2 complex. Most research compared the neurological differences between native English and native Polish adults in their ability to process legal and illegal phoneme sequences in natural speech stimuli. Implemented a training program for graduate and undergraduate students showing various data analysis techniques and lab procedures including neural net sanitation, application, setup, and data monitoring, participant instruction and coaching, and data saving and storage Prepared EEG nets and tested for connectivity on participants Prepare and clean data through Besa: remove artifacts such as blinking, average waveforms, damaged or noisy electrode sites of non essential sites, etc. Do further analysis through Igor Pro and Excel including split-half validity testing, correlations, visual creation of waveforms, and testing for waveform variability within participants and between large groups. Excel analysis of behavioral data Presented research at conferences and assisted peers in literature reviews, data analysis, and poster formatting Completed certification for "Protecting Human Research Participants" through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research St. John’s High School Research Shadowing Directive Assistant Director | SPRING 2015 Explained concepts in electrophysiology and psychology, breaking down information in an accessible way to students without a prior background or skill set in the field Provided lectures on data integrity, processing, and analysis as well as on case studies and research fundamentals Provided individual feedback on necessary journal entries for students to ensure absorption of key concepts
  • My photography in published works
    23 Stoneleigh-Burnham School graduates told to ‘keep the fire lit within,’ Greenfield Recorder | JUNE 2023 Public health coalition celebrates 20 years, Athol Daily News | NOV 2022 Stoler claims Board of Health seat in Montague election, Greenfield Recorder | MAY 2022 They Still Do Against historic hardship, LGBTQ couples find a way to celebrate their love, Boston Spirit | MAR 2021 A butch lesbian wedding in COVID-times: two brides, two suits, ten guests, Offbeat Bride | MAR 2021 Keep them laughing: Stand-up comics make their way in the Valley, Hampshire Gazette | MAR 2019 100 MOST STYLISH DAPPERQS 2018, Dapper Q (for my work with a former project, “Right Click Queer) | JUNE 2018 San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz to Mt. Holyoke students: ‘True leadership comes from the heart,’ The Valley Advocate | APRIL 2018 Wishbone Zoe, The Valley Advocate (print) | FEB 2018 Meet Caitlin Shea of Caitlin Shea Photography in Holyoke, BostonVoyager Magazine | DEC 2017 Rob Deza’s Story, Holdfast | NOV 2017 Brides, Grooms, And Their Accessories, The Valley Advocate | AUG 2017 OFF OFF OFF BROADWAY, Take Magazine | JULY 2017 Basemental: The Leafies are a Guerilla Band, The Valley Advocate | JULY 2017 Brickabrack, The Valley Advocate (print) | JULY 2017 Smith College School for Social Work: InDepth, (front page feature) | FALL 2016 Style Profile: Gabrielle Ricci, NYC, Qwear | MARCH 2016 Top 10: The best cheap things to do in Brooklyn this week, punk opera edition , Brokeland | JAN 2016
  • Expositions
    Ancestry of the Dark Moons, Easthampton, MA — Gallery Showing featuring Dark moon in Gemini: The Barriers of Access to Knowledge AUG - SEPT 2018 PEEP SHOW IV: Exploring the intersection of art and BDSM, Holyoke, MA — Gallery Showing featuring my series “Carrion Kings” MAY 2018 Hexe, a 10-day art exhibit coinciding with the state-wide arts festival Artweek - Greenfield, MA — Gallery Showing featuring my series “Carrion Kings APRIL 2018 PEEP SHOW III: Exploring the intersection of art and BDSM, Holyoke, MA — Gallery Showing featuring my series “Carrion Kings” JAN 2018 Dirty Words II, Gateway City Arts, Holyoke, MA — A music event featuring community resources, speakers, and artists JAN 2018 PEEP SHOW II: Exploring the intersection of art and BDSM, Holyoke, MA — Gallery Showing featuring my series “The Party by Ostbahnhof” NOV 2017 PEEP SHOW: Exploring the intersection of art and BDSM, Holyoke, MA — Gallery Showing featuring my series “The Party by Ostbahnhof” AUG 2017 Glitter Queer Art Show, Easthampton, MA — Gallery Showing featuring my series “Auf Naxos” AUG 2017 Revolution Music Festival, Hawks and Reed Performing Art Center, Greenfield, MA — Preferred Vendor JULY 2017
  • Writing / Press
    Centering Racial Justice and Grassroots Ownership in Collective Impact, Stanford Social Innovation Review | DEC 2021 Teen survey: Substance use down, mental health concerns continue, The Greenfield Reminder, Zack DeLuca, May 16, 2021 6 Ways to Have a More Trans-Inclusive Wedding, Catalyst Wedding Co. OCT 2018





New Jersey Parents of Developmentally Disabled Adults is an advocacy website created by a mother of an adult child with disability. What started as a Facebook group grew into a large network of resources for parents trying to navigate counterintuitive, poorly structured state websites as they seek funding and care for their children.


Being a smaller organization, its ability to be organically found without SEO strategy is small. To be more prominently and clearly featured on search engine results pages (SERPs), the  following were added:

  • Short and long tail keywords

  • Meta descriptions

  • Keyword heavy meta titles


The former website did not secure usage permissions for the images they used. I sourced and created a small database of digital assets for them to use royalty free for commercial usage. 


Refined the web architecture around intuitive UX design, modernize layout, colors, and font choices for a clear visual hierarchy and skim friendly content.


Both to bring them up to legal standards and to help them better serve their target and secondary audiences of those with or caring for those with disability, several measures were taken. This included:

  • Alt-text

  • Consistent header tags

  • Content rich hyperlinks

  • Color contrast compliant color pallets

More Features

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A headshot of Sage Orville Shea. They're a trans digital marketer in Western MA near Springfield. They're wearing a navy blue shirt, floral tie, and custom brown leather suspenders.


Intuitive UX, striking imagery, and bold copy. I'm your one-stop shop for small business digital marketing. If you're looking for your "unicorn" that can do it all, look no further.



- Premiere Pro, Adobe Spark, Lightroom



- Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Eventbrite, Tumblr, Twitter



- Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly, WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Browser Stack



- SEO implementation, Google Analytics, Hotjar, My Data Studio, Google My Business, Brandwatch, MozBar


- Trello, Active Collab, Podio


- Mailchimp, Slack, Hipchat



- Camtasia



- MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint



- Qualtrics, Google Forms



- Microsoft Dynamics (NAV), Google Drive Suite, Crystal Reports

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