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Enhancing creative vision in collaborative music videos: content with an edge.


As many know, I work full time at Mount Holyoke College. Our students have been having an incredibly difficult time as we evacuate our campus out of concerns for our students health in the wake of the rapidly spreading Coronavirus. Many seniors are unsure of when they'll see their friends again, if graduation will still happen, and what their futures hold. Our international students are struggling to navigate alternative housing and maintaining their VISAs as they contemplate returning home to countries already hit. Their network of close friends - friendships that they've spent years nurturing, are all scattering to the wind as they scramble, blind sided, to pack.

For decades, during graduation, our students have a Laurel Parade where they carry 1500 feet of laurel that they drape on MHC founder's, Mary Lyon's, grave. Alumnaes come to show support and  celebrate the graduating class. 

While we're months from graduation, students and staff joined together to have an impromptu parade. I'm honored to have documented this moment of bittersweet celebration as our community rises to face the uncertainty of the upcoming months.


Old Flame is born of the Western-MA DIY scene, and spins gritty honey rasp vocals into an art rock nostalgia with a shoegaze afterglow

"Retro & brand new. Toes the line of vintage & psych rock. Addictively good." -Ear To The Ground


Tracing back to 1900, the Laurel Parade is one of Mount Holyoke’s longest standing traditions. Students parade through campus with two wreaths of laurel leaves and forget-me-nots that they place on College founder Mary Lyon’s grave.


Think high school drama club meets Zappa.

The Leafies are a 10 piece band from the not-so-happy valley of Western, MA. An eclectic array of genres covering everything from pop to free jazz to hardcore. Stage shows have been referred to as “Broadway On Acid.” A series of interconnected stories create a unified experience dealing with topics such as organized religion, anxiety disorders, gender roles, castrati, and a little romance.


CT band Pocket Vinyl’s album, “Uncomfortably Unsure,” is a non-sexy album about sex. These are not songs to put you in the mood, but rather try to unpack and examine the shortcoming surrounding sex in all it's definitions.


“As I've grown older, I've discovered that a lot of the teachings I learned about sex and the realities of it were not in line with each other […] Though there was talk of consent, I didn't really understand what that meant. For the most part, it seemed that sex was taught to me as something that one does while another person is there, rather than two people doing something together. It's a subtle distinction, yet one that makes all the difference.” - lead singer, Eric Stevenson


I was tasked with creating a simple yet enticing music video that incorporated the visual part of Pocket Vinyl’s performance - live painting. We settled on speed ramping and playing with parts of the video playing at different times within a single frame.

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