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Ever the nonconformists 

April reached out to me years ago when her and Rory first got engaged. After being plagued by surprise expenses, the wedding was delayed and I thought I'd never hear from them again. A year later, they were back, planning their wedding. And what a year. 2020 has been and is a shit show. We went from plan A to B to C and so many more before just doing a guerilla wedding mirroring plan A after the venue canceled. We passed 4 other couples doing the same thing in small gatherings, trying to solidify their love in this never ending hell scape. 

We had a blast.

My words don't do this wedding justice. Luckily April has written her own stunning poetic flare in a feature with Off Beat Bride.

"I am absolutely obsessed with these photos. All my co-workers are sick of hearing about my wedding. I'd be like "LOOK AT THESE 400 BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OF ME AND MY WIFE""

- April

"You also managed to get my angles so I look heckin' butch and look how I actually want to so also thank you for that too! I will forever recommend you to other queer people for events. This honestly made my week."

- Rory

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