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The Temple of Music for some harmonic love

A powerhouse engagement: She's a lawyer who sues large corporations for wage theft, he's part of the National Guard and runs COVID tests in his community. This Boston couple ventured to RI for a perfect shoot. 

I met Mallarie over a decade ago back as high school students in Western MA. While we fell out of touch through college, unknown to me she was keeping an eye on all my work, waiting for the day she could hire me. That day came when they realized COVID wasn't ending any time soon and that even when spending time together 24/7, and that more than anything, they wanted to be married. Connor proposed and this shoot followed shortly thereafter with a shoot on both Oakland Beach and the Temple of Music in Roger Williams Park (Providence, RI).

What the photos don't fully show is that Connor is 6'8" - a true giant! We used a lot of seated positions in stunning locations to bring them closer together on the same visual plane. Through leaning, creative framing, and larger than life settings, we made their height different work well and allowed their love to look beyond stunning. Although, bringing a stool for me to stand on certainly didn't hurt.

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