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Caitlin & Sean

Keep her laughing, keep him grounded 

Sean is a local comedian who's been bringing fully belly laughs to western MA for a while. Caitlin works on grants that ensure better access to green space and safe non-motorized transport throughout the state. She finds ways to keep people safely rooted in MA, adding sidewalks and hard points that make us feel safe, while Sean pushes us to the edge of our comfort zone to deliver smiles.


They ebb and flow as a smart balance. The two moved in together during the pandemic and were engaged shortly after. ​

We all struggle with how we see ourselves. Caitlin and I talked at length about trying to find homes in our bodies, and while I always hope someone loves every photo I deliver, I know that's not always the case. Every win is a win no matter what it looks like to each of us. ​

"I just wanted to let you know that I predicted liking maybe 5 of these photos of myself and I ended up liking a whopping 38! Great job! Thanks for being so fun to work with!""

- Caitlin

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