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"We got gay married!"

Dani and Sarah are two amazing community advocates. They've extended their home to those in need, trans asylum seekers, and many more. They're amazing partners and pillars of the community who live every day by their morals. They worked effortlessly to make their wedding a safe haven and celebration for our community, from pronoun pins to an all queer dance to "The Queer Gospel" by Erin McKeown.​

As Sarah's sister said, "She's had more open heart surgeries and has ran more marathons than most - both things that no one deliberately chooses  to do." Dani has gone through the loss of her mother at an age far too early. She's carried not only her family through that loss, but has supported all those around her, including friends and complete strangers. They are both warm, welcoming, and continually growing. They're both advocates working hard to make the world a little less shitty. 

As her sister said, quoting Hamilton, "To the bride, to the bride, may you always be satisfied."

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