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Marcel & Michael

The meeting of the minds 

These two brilliant men met at Fire Island and fell in love. They've traveled throughout the US in pursuit of knowledge and growth. Forever scholars, Marcel has spent decades of his life pouring through the tens of thousands of pages at the Montague Book Mill. So when it was time to get married, they could think of no place better. 

They utilized the entire grounds, gifting guests gift cards for the Lady Killgrew Café, opening a book tab so guests could leave with a piece of knowledge and curiosity, signed their Ketubah in the Book Mill, and ended their reception in the river-side restaurant with a private concert of classical pieces performed by a member at the Valley Guitar Orchestra. 

"Thank you for getting [the sneak peeks] to us so quickly, wow! We love what you've shared and can readily recognize the aesthetic that made us so excited to work with you."

- Marcel

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