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Grassy knolls, bamboo forests, and sea side docks all in one location

Sarah is a physical therapist and Anna works in higher ed, though has an incredibly following as a queer herbalist and witch in Rhode Island. These lovely femmes are so comfortable with each other and showcasing their love. They spend weekends going for long walks with their little furry monsters (their words). 

And for a taste of humor from our Blithewood RI adventures:


"We actually wear the same clothes most of the time, but they're a bit hotter on me cause they're tighter," - Sarah said laughing after mentioning they have the same sized shoes and, well, everything.

"Our [long] hair is ways in the way in our household. [The windy shoreside pictures are] a very accurate representation of our daily life," joked Anna.


Also, fun fact, Anna and Sarah both popped the question at the same time and both with their grandmother's rings! Don't believe me? Check out this piece by the Providence Journal

Sarah & Anna

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