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Stronger Together 

Stella and Rowan merged their family of 4 over a spiritual hand-fasting at the Pines Theater with their reception at Florence's JJ's Tavern. While getting ready, they talked about how Rowan, a Southern transplant, joined roller derby, a queer story as old as time. They met Stella at a match and soon connected online, each hiding their crushes, until one day Rowan posted about gender norms within raising kids and Stella jumped on with a lot of deep intellectual theory. The two hit it off in that thread which friends called, "VERY PUBLIC" and "full of clear flirtation." It wasn't long before they started dating. 

"Hi Sage - These are fantastic!!! We love them and can’t wait to see the full set. :) Thank you so much!"

- Stella & Rowan after sneak peaks

"The photos are AMAZING, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I scanned through quickly to see them all, but I can’t wait to pour over them in detail. :)


Much love!"

- Stella the after full set

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