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Love Interupted


Pride because we are still fighting to exist without

persecution. Pride because Jimmy and Joe, as an interracial gay couple, couldn't find a photographer to document their wedding when it was first legalized. Pride because even after Joe's cancer diagnosis, doctors still pushed for AIDs testing, which he didn't have. Pride because in Joe's obituary, Jimmy wouldn't list himself as the husband left

behind because he didn't want the celebration of Joe's life to be overshadowed by bigotry. Pride because Joe was only welcomed back to his church in 2019 after his death. Pride because love that endures so much should be

celebrated. #pride

Nicole reached out to me after her father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Once diagnosed, Joe lost hope. Planning this shoot gave her father something to look forward to; something Joe hadn’t done in a long time. As he rapidly lost weight from the cancer and treatments, people would offer to take him shopping for better fitting clothes, and he’d respond, “What’s the point? I’m going to die.”

But with the shoot booked, he was eager, energetic, and excited about something. 


He lived another two years after the shoot and filled it with family, food, and all the small adventures he could.

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