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Playful therapist headshots

Therapist Rachel Lynch in front of a colorful and bright Easthampton mural. She's wearing a structured brown blazer
Rachel Lynch in front of an Easthampton mural

This looks so much better than my old photo and it stands out way more among the profiles.

Rachel is a therapist who guides clients through self exploration in expressive ways. She believes that self discovery and unpacking traumas can be a fun process, especially when done with self-compassion. These reflective moments are based on skill building and finding new tools, and can be done in a collaborative process.

Rachel hired me to work on her website (which is coming out AMAZING, blog posts forthcoming after the site goes live). The site is playful and soft and really showcases that that your therapist is a real person, not some indifferent therapy robot. Unfortunately, her existing headshots were very dark and monotone. Don't get me wrong, they were fantastic images that played well with nature and were stylistic, but they didn't jive well with the site we were building.

We wanted her headshots to showcase playfulness, compassion, and a genuine want to dive in alongside her clients as they unpack and figure out their brain. I think these headshots nailed it, but I'll let Rachel share it in her own words (these were unprompted which makes my heart just sing).

It feels serendipitous that I connected with Sage Orville for the photography and design of my private practice website. Their work exudes a therapeutic nature. Their attention to detail, inclusivity, and personality is apparent in the images and websites they produce as well as their approach to the work.
Working with Sage has not only been helpful in identifying what I want to convey about my practice, but also in clarifying my identity and style as a therapist.



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