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Dani and Denise's Candid Family Session

Back in the day, my family sessions were heavily posed, poorly lit, and when client's said, "What if all 17 of us wore matching outfits?" I eagerly said, "Sure!"

No longer.

I work now to capture moments that are real. I have families plan activities that they enjoy doing and let the rest unfold. For Dani and Denise, those activities included carving pumpkins with their two young children and canning home made applesauce - something they used to do often when it was just the two of them and only recently rediscovered now that their children could be entrusted with knives.

And towards the end of the session? Their son made a blanket fort and commandeered the living room for adventure.

Denise as a college professor who spends each day teaching women in STEM. Dani is a brilliant realtor who oversees community development. She has an eye for sustainability, restoration, and ethical construction. She designed the brilliant and fully custom kitchen that we shot in, an 8 month project initially forecasted for just the summer. Denise, Dani, and the children made 'temporary' living arrangements in the back yard, camping as construction was underway as the live site was too dangerous for the children. From cooking to sleeping, they moved most of their day-to-day activities outside.

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