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Cold Moon Project: Western Mass Gig Economy Pandemic Chronicles

Piper Preston, a trans videographer who runs Phantom World Production, directs part of the video team
Piper Preston directs a member of the video team

A Large Collaboration Collaboration Made it Possible

The Cold Moon Project is a video chronicle that showcases the Western Mass Gig Economy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Cold Moon was created and produced by Carla Racine of The BUZZ & Honey Pot Productions with audio by James Hanaburgh of Ronin Audio, support by Joshua Leach, with video and editing by Piper Preston of Phantom World Production. Video support by Silas Rae-Burns, Sage Orville, Kasey Greene, Monk Kelley, and Joshua Leach. Technical support by Northampton Open Media. Big thanks to Union Station who lent us their space.

This Vignette

While the Cold Moon Project features a handful of bands from across the Pioneer Valley, the day I joined to film and photograph (as one day in a 3 day filming extravaganza) featured The Leafies You Gave Me. The band and a crew of essential staff and volunteers all aggressively quarantined and got tested leading up to the shoot to make this possible.

The Leafies

The Leafies are a 10 piece band from the not-so-happy valley of Western, MA. An eclectic array of genres covering everything from pop to free jazz to hardcore. Stage shows have been referred to as “Broadway On Acid.” A series of interconnected stories create a unified experience dealing with topics such as organized religion, anxiety disorders, gender roles, castrati, and a little romance.

Think high school drama club meets Zappa.

Here's a piece I filmed in 2017 (years ago under my birth name) when the Leafies were hosting a summer residency at Greenfield's Hawks and Reed.

The Leafies have been described as “Broadway on Acid,” which is apt but a bit reductive considering their performances are meticulously planned, intentional in their thematic explorations, and, musically, very tight. - Take Magazine

Some sneak peeks of the production from yours truly.



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