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Resume Building Workshops at Yankee Candle Village

The hard truth

Employers spend only a few second reviewing a resume. In a hyper saturated internet, web design is hinged on making content quickly digestible and impressionable. What can web design teach job seekers?

In May, 2018, I had the pleasure of teaching a resume building workshop to an intimate group job seekers eager to showcase their work experiences as best as they can by using core principles of smart UX and web content strategies. They were able to walk away with the ability to professionally market themselves with a resume that is more skim friendly, better visually formatted out, and bold with language that is sharp, heavy hitting, and without filler. 


oomvelt is the brand that I do my marketing and photography education under because a rising tide floats all boats. Under this brand, I teach concepts, not formulas and uplift others through no b.s. information, personalized feedback, and peer networking. oomvelt is a small, community-focused, anti-monopoly, educational provider that offers of affordable, accessible workshops tailored to the photography and marketing needs of small businesses and freelancers.


oomvelt has always worked to collaborate with and advance partnerships with local business, and Yankee Candle Village has been an amazing advocate for our workshops. As longstanding pillar in our community, not only have they given oomvelt a home for not one, but 4 workshops, Yankee Candle is New England’s favorite day trip destination. Everybody leaves there with a smile. With endless scents and some unique wax dipping stations, I can see why. We truly can't thank them enough. #YankeeCandleVillageMa



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